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Protestant Women Of The Chapel (PWOC) Protestant Women Of The Chapel
 (PWOC), NAS Corpus Christi,TX

   "To Lead, To Teach, To Develop, To Involve"


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PWOC-NASCC.org is the official website of the Protestant Women of the Chapel (PWOC), NAS Corpus Christi.

Our purpose is to provide encouragement, support, fellowship, and ministry opportunities to Protestant women in Corpus Christi, Coastal Bend, and surrounding areas. Our primary ministry outreach is for the military community and their families.

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 At The Redeemer's Feet

" At The Redeemer's Feet"  (2008-2009 PWOC Theme)

As Ruth reaches out to touch his feet, Boaz lifts her face towards his as he covers her with his garment. The shawl resembles the tallit, the Jewish Prayer Shawl, representing the covering of the Lord. His garment is decorated with pomegranates, representing the priest and he is clad in white.

The threshing floor is designed using a photo of a Jewish threshing floor. Stones loosely laid down with years of wear softening their edges, remind us of the Church and its members, side-by-side, in strength together. The round floor reminds us of the covenant of the Bride and Groom. The entrance is topped with a 3-sided cap, representing the trinity. The columns are opened displaying the landscape of rolling green hills.

There are three blades of barley which represent the 3 strands that are not easily broken and give indication of the upcoming harvest. Boaz, a picture of our Redeemer, is lifting Ruth's face to let her know that he has just paid for redemption and restored Naomi's family name to include the land. A home, strewn with cypress trees is found on top of a hill. The scene is peaceful, yet hopeful, reminding us to look with hope of our homecoming.